Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is a berry bush found in Asia and Europe. The berry has been used in Asian traditional medicine for more than one thousand years.

Modern research has found that sea buckthorn oil is an important source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (particularly Omega 7). Polyunsaturated fatty acids are important structural components of mucous membranes, which form the protective lining of internal organs such as the vaginal and respiratory tracts, as well as the surface of the eyes and mouth.

  • Intimate dryness during the menopause
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Healthy skin
  • Healthy immune system

  • Out of desperation I had tried every conventional treatment available on the NHS for my blepharitis and severe dry eye including trips to London eye hospital Moorefields without success. I read about Linda's story in the Daily Express and thought 'that's just like me! Maybe Omega 7 could help me too.' So I have been taking it now for about 6 months and the results have been amazing. I have been almost completely removed of all my symptoms. Thank you so much.

    Ben Sansum 05/01/2016

  • Ordered my Omega 7 Wednesday they arrived Thursday. Amazing. I have been taking Omega 7 for nearly a year, my cholesterol LDH has reduced 1.2 mmols. My levels are now within normal limits. Amazing. I had tried diet and stopped smoking, neither made any difference to my cholesterol levels previously. My skin/complexion has benefitted from taking Omega 7. I recommend it to everyone. As a lifelong vegetarian I am really pleased to be able to take omega 3 supplement.

    Judith 09/11/2015

  • Since I started taking Omega 7 capsules,I have reduced the number of times I use artificial tear daily from 6/8 times to 1/2 times a day.
    So am obviously very pleased to have had them recommended to me. The multivits delivery service is second to none, and can never quite understand how they arrive so quickly!

    Julia Prentice 29/12/2015

  • I have suffered from watering eyes for some years and noticed a cutting on a shop window ref Linda's experiences and thought it worth a try. I was using eye drops which only helped a bit. It took a while but since using sea buckthorn my eye watering has got markedly better. I walk a lot so often out in cold wind which was a real nuisance. I was up on Dartmoor in high winds last weekend and although my eyes still water it was way better than it has been for ages. It seems Omega 7 works!

    Mike Gormley 27/01/2016

  • Since I was diagnosed with Sjogren syndrome in 2004, I have used sea buckthorn oil capsules and passed on the scientific literature and details of the product to a specialist nurse, rheumatologist and GP so that they in turn could pass on to other patients. I do take other products, Q10, magnesium, Q10 toothpaste and others on and off when I feel the need.

    Roma Pacione 11/12/2015

  • Really feeling the benefit of Omega 7 capsules, primarily for dry eye, but also finding a marked improvement in joint comfort, particularly my right hip. Starting supplement in mid December 2014. I think taking Omega 7 will be a life long habit, together with an age appropriate multivitamin.

    Carole Strong 20/02/2015

  • I have been taking Pharma Nord Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn oil capsules for 5 weeks now.
    I have a history of ocular rosacea and having just reached menopause, my eyes became even more troublesome & dry.
    Since taking these capsules (as directed and faithfully for 5 weeks) my eye health truly is 80% improved!
    I no longer use artificial tears and often forget about their dryness completely, I would certainly recommend that others give this product a serious trial, after so much money spent on other products which have not worked, I am delighted to leave a positive review for this supplement!

    Judy Banks 16/04/2015

  • I take Omega 7 and it makes my skin feel plumper like when I was younger. I have sensitive skin and find it helps. Pharma Nord supplies very good quality products, they are the best and not ordinary run of the mill stuff. Thank you

    June 17/03/2015

  • Just wanted to say I am very impressed with the sea buckthorn oil capsules. Working in a hospital I am subject to frequent hand washing which makes my hands incredibly dry, the sea buckthorn capsules have been a godsend to me in helping me to overcome the dryness in my hands, I am so impressed with this product I could never be without it.

    Paul Price 11/12/2014

  • I had been suffering from very dry eyes which were quite painful when waking in the morning. I started taking omega 7 and within 4 weeks I began to feel a difference. I have now been taking them for 6 months and I have forgotten about dry eyes, but not about omega 7. The difference they have made to my life has been amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Ruth Manrot 08/04/2014

  • I have found it a great product for symptoms of the menopause, such as sweats and vaginal dryness, I 'm a health professional and have recommended it to colleagues and patients who have also found relief from these symptoms.

    Amanda Palmer 28/04/2013

  • I have had dry eyes for at least 2 years and it was not just a bit annoying as the doctor said, it was so painful it even woke me up in the night. I thought I had a tumour behind my eyes. That was until I got the diagnosis. I had tried another supplement but then read about and bought OMEGA 7. I have not had to put in eye drops since since staring taking the capsules. I could not stand the thought of not taking them.

    A nice side effect is that I think my skin looks more plumped out.

    Kay Searles 19/04/2013

  • I suffer with Ocular Rosacea, and I have taken Omega 7 for about 4 or 5 months and noticed a huge difference. No longer am I using eye drops daily. My eyes are rarely itchy, dry, sore. This has helped my eye problems ease by 98-99% and I will continue to take these capsules because for me they work brilliantly. They are worth trying if you suffer with dry eyes.

    Michelle Myatt 27/02/2013

  • Most of my friends have noticed how good my skin looks, how soft it feels. My eyes are not dry and sore anymore,also it has improved my intimate area.

    Mrs Rosemary Bristow 18/04/2013

  • I am absolutely amazed at the positive results from omega 7 that gave me back the ability to feel like a woman again when the menopause had taken that away. It is the only supplement that has worked for me.

    Sarah Graham 01/05/2013

  • I started to use Omega 7 for vaginal dryness for about 5 weeks. I have found a definite improvement. I also take Cimetedine prescribed by a Consultant as I was diagnosed with Painful Bladder Syndrome who said I would probably have to live with it. I shall carry on taking Omega 7.

    Susan Mort 26/04/2013

  • I have recomended these tablets to several of my friends. They are brilliant and I am sailing through the menopause without taking any medication. I always keep a box in stock because I would not want to run out!

    Susan Scott 18/04/2013

  • "I have been taking Omega 7 for years but recently ran out. About a week later I began to suffer quite badly and suddenly with arthritic pain in my knees. It seemed so sudden.

    The penny dropped that I was no longer taking Omega 7. I ordered some more and in the meantime started taking my husband's Omega 3 capsules.

    There was some improvement with the Omega 3, but after about 4 days back on the Omega 7 capsules, I am again striding about with minimal twinges."

    E Fletcher 11/10/2011

  • "I was prescribed your sea buckthorn capsules by my local health shop for my dry eye problem which, at 53, had become severe due to an Omega 7 deficiency and this had made me totally dependant on using eye drops during day and also if I awoke during the night, because otherwise my eyes would become very red and irritated and had a tendency to develop Blepharitis. After taking the sea buckthorn capsules for a few weeks my dry eye problem soon became a thing of the past.

    I shall continue to take them for the rest of my life, to keep my eyes moist and comfortable. Thank you very much for your excellent product."

    S Haws-Jones 26/04/2012

  • "I was going through the menopause and suffering from vaginal dryness when I discovered Omega 7. I would recommend this product to any woman having the same difficulty. The supplement has also renewed my skin. I run out and started getting psoriasis on my arms but as soon as I started taking it again, it cleared up."

    S McCrossan 02/05/2012